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On 25 April, the Urban Mobility Open Payments Forum organised the webinar “Demystifying Contactless Open Loop Payment in Public Transport”.

Speakersincluded several members of the Forum:

  • Venceslas Cartier, Senior Manager at Visa
  • Manfred Troll, Sales Account-Based Ticketing, Scheidt & Bachmann
  • Eric W. Pitts, Payment Technology & Solutions Executive at Switchio
  • Steven Fellingham, Project Manager at American Express
  • Andrea Soehnchen, Consultant, TRANSFORTIS Comms & Marketing
  • Bori Csala, Membership Development Manager Global Growth & Membership Unit, UITP

The webinar outlined the advantages and benefits of contactless open loop payment, helped to understand the basic rules, requirements and processes, explained the technical preconditions needed; and provided an opportunity to discuss the challenges of implementing contactless open loop payment.

All presentations from the webinar are available here.