The Urban Mobility Open Payments Forum was launched in July 2021 by UITP (the International Association of Public Transport). Gathering a selection of partners from across the public transport ecosystem, including operators, payment schemes and technology providers, the Forum answers the call from the public transport sector to create a clear framework for engaging in a more open dialogue at an international level on open loop payments.

The Forum will help pave the way in which paying for public transport anywhere in the world is as familiar and compelling as it is in your home city. The Forum is uniquely placed to understand the challenges of different markets, to help educate and inform cities, and together advance projects. It will lead a series of initiatives to improve understanding and the know-how of stakeholders in the public transport sector, in particular public transport operators and authorities.

Finally, the Forum will facilitate the exchange and dialogue on solutions and processes, raising awareness to make it easier and less costly for public transport organisations to implement open loop payment.


Open loop means any eligible payment method can be used without having to be part of the system itself. A passenger can use any of their existing contactless EMV cards or payment devices to pay for a journey, without the card being a bespoke product issued by that transport network.

Passengers can easily access public transport without how to pay being a barrier. They do not have to install an app first or buy an agency specific smartcard for every city they live in or visit. Simply turn up, tap and ride.

Be part of the Urban Mobility Open Payments Forum

The Urban Mobility Open Payments Forum is actively looking for new members to broaden the discussions on open loop payment in public transport. To get involved, contact us.